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Real estate contract software built for brokers and agents to guide buyers and sellers through an automated, easy to use, step by step smart contract process

Enjoyable and user friendly smart contract platform for your real estate

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Automated Contracts

to improve speed and efficiency of building, reviewing and e-signing contracts

Collaborative & Transparent

experience for all parties to communicate during the transaction

Increased Compliance

with secure smart technology

How our technology works:

1. Draft offer contract

The Buyer Agent starts an offer with the Mako smart survey. The smart survey asks
questions in a seamless, modern and automated format; instantly producing entries to corresponding TREC forms.

2. Send for client review

Once the smart survey is complete, the Buyer Agent can invite their buyer client(s) to the transaction for free. The buyer receives an email notification to review the contract in a step by step guide or regular PDF view.

3. Invite other agents

The Buyer Agent can invite the Listing Broker or Agent to a transaction for free. The Listing Broker or Agent must create a free account to login and use the features of Mako for the specific transaction only. Here, they can review, sign and share the offer. Alternatively, the Buyer Agent can simply share or download the contract without inviting the Listing side to use Mako.

4. E-Sign

The buyer and seller can instantly and securely sign the offer contract in the industry’s quickest format. Mako Contracts' e-signed documents are certified electronic signatures that cannot be edited once signed. Once executed, the listing agent can instantly sign the contract to execute the effective date.

5. Share and Store

All transaction documents can be shared with any party, at any time. You can easily combine PDF forms or send only one form to predefined parties without needing to email attachments through your email. Brokers and agents can store unlimited transactions to be compliant with TREC requirements.

6. Manage Transaction and Clients

Agents can efficiently check the status of all transactions at each stage of a sale. This is empowered with automation based on the parameters of a contract. Mako smartly organizes client data to keep agents organized on all their devices.

Why use Mako?

Guided Interaction
Instantaneous data sharing across all parties
Tailored towards user interface & experience
Invite free users to join your transaction
Fastest TREC contract builder
Enhanced compliance & market consistency through our smart contract technology
Draft, Review, E-Sign in one platform
Seamless Negotiation & Offer Management


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Our Markets

We currently serve brokers and agents throughout Texas. We currently integrate MLS data in the
Houston (HAR) region. Other MLS markets and Texas Association of Realtor forms coming soon!
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“This is 1000X better than what currently exists. I drafted my first contract in less than 5 minutes, without training. Mako Contracts is super intuitive and user friendly!”
Lesli L, Realtor
“This is so cool! We have been wanting to do something like this for a long time.”
Lori L, TAR General Counsel
“I spend most of my late nights and weekends drafting contracts after property tours. Mako is astonishingly fast at speeding up my contract drafting. Equally importantly, once I send the contract to my buyer clients, they understand the details without calls and texts clarifying what something means. Lastly, I can then send it quickly to the Listing Agent without writing a separate email. The contract process is now streamlined, and I can spend more time with my family on nights and weekends!”
Josh M, Realtor
“I wish I had Mako Contracts when I bought my first home. My agent was amazing to work with, but I was intimidated by the PDF contract and I didn’t easily understand what I was signing. Mako Contracts will make my second home purchase much easier to break down the contract.”
Erin W, Homebuyer


Can Mako provide advice on building the contract?

We cannot provide advice to brokers, agents or your clients. Mako Contracts is a software as a service (SaaS) company and not a real estate brokerage. We empower brokerages to be more effective with our software. Our friendly team can always help with technical or account support.

Are TAR forms available?

We are a pre-approved TAR Form Vendor with plans to implement Texas Associate of Realtor forms soon! We currently integrate with TREC forms only.

Are you available outside of Texas?

We are coming soon to many markets outside of Texas!

Do you offer a free trial?

Mako is currently a beta offering that includes a 90 day free trial. We require a credit card on file for security purposes.

What markets in Texas do you serve?

All Texas licensed real estate brokers and agents can sign up and use Mako Contracts with or without MLS integration. We have MLS integration to the Houston (HAR) region, and will soon be launching Austin, San Antonio and DFW.

What does the MLS integration do?

The MLS integration speeds up the contract to accurately populate time consuming contract fields such as: Listing Broker/Agent info, address, legal description, HOA info and more.

How do subscriptions work?

Only licensed real estate brokers and agents in Texas can sign up to be a paying member of Mako Contracts. Once a paying member, a licensed broker or agent can invite another agent on the opposite side of the purchase to the transaction for free. Likewise, brokers and agents can invite two sellers and two buyers to each transaction for free.

Can I upload my own documents to a transaction?

Yes! Our smart platform produces TREC PDF forms through a survey format. However, you can upload any external PDF’s specific for your brokerage or transaction to e-sign, review and store.

Can I draft a contract without being a broker or agent?

No. You must be a licensed real estate broker or agent to draft a contract. Buyers or sellers must be invited by an agent to participate in the transaction.

Do you integrate with other real estate software?

We currently do not integrate with other real estate apps. We are an independent SaaS platform with new third party integrations coming soon! You can quickly export any transaction to upload to your other CRM systems, or use Mako to store all your transactions securely in our cloud.

Where are you located and do you offer boker/agent demos?

We are headquartered in Houston, Texas. Contact our friendly team today for a virtual or in-person brokerage demo.

As a broker or team leader, can I manage agent subscriptions?

Yes! You can select the amount of monthly users you need at any time. Agents will then be sent activation emails as they join.

As a transaction coordinator, can I manage multiple deals?

We are launching the full transaction coordinator role soon! In the meantime, we recommend that transaction coordinators assist their agents through the corresponding agent login.

What types of contracts can I draft with Mako?

Brokers and agents can draft the following Texas residential sales contracts: 1-4 Family Resale, Condo Resale and Unimproved Land. Other contract types and leases coming soon!

Do I need training to onboard with Mako?

We created Mako Contracts to be an intuitive and easy-to-use smart platform so agents can get started writing an offer at any moment. We do not require training or time consuming onboarding. However, if you have any questions, our support team is available to help quickly!

Once I build a contract, can I share it with whomever I want?

Yes! If you want the buyer, the listing agent and the sellers to review and execute the contract in a centralized place, you can invite any of these people to use Mako Contracts for free. We have the quickest and most cutting edge e-signing technology currently in real estate software. However, if for example you prefer to build a contract with Mako only, you can easily download or share the PDF contract documents at any time, with whomever you want.